In this episode, I explain part of my story, and why I started this podcast. I also discuss why it's essential that we fight for our own healing so we can bring the light of Christ to others!



Do you ever yell at your kids? I sure have. Today, I share my journey with anger, and how it's led me back to God's mercy, time and time again.



I know we have all had the experience of feeling trapped in our stress and anxiety. I shared some of the best ways I've found to relieve stress in the moment, WITHOUT the use of alcohol, caffeine, or social media!

My lovely and inspirational sister-in-law is staying with us in the wake of Hurricane Ida, so I couldn't miss the opportunity to bring her on the show and talk about all of our favorite things! We talked about temperament and what it's like to be an introvert in an extroverted world. We discussed discerning God's will, even if it means changing direction unexpectedly. 

Have you ever struggled with feeling "out of control"? Today I share vulnerably about some situations in my life that have left me feeling "out of control" and why I consider them some of the greatest gifts.




Have you ever struggled with perfectionism? This episode is for you! I share my favorite resources that have helped me tremendously on my journey as a recovering perfectionist. 





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